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Google Duo Apk For Android Free Download

Google Duo Apk For Android Free Download

By on Dec 7, 2017 in Google Duo, Google Duo Apk, Google Duo Apk for Android, Google Duo Free Download

Google Duo Apk Free Download | Google Duo Apk For Android: There are lots of apps developed for communication purposes, and not all of them is meant to be so-called video calling app. Applications available on the store vary with categories, and most video calling option appears in the chat apps. Only a few applications come with the originality of a video calling apps. The next thing to note is the supportive platform for the app. Not all the apps available for one platform is available for all other platforms. Google has introduced Google Duo, a one-to-one video calling appGoogle Duo App is a purely independent video calling app that is available for all the modern platform. Google Duo video caller app lets you connect with your friends and family with an internet connection. The article is all about the Google Duo video calling app for Android. Get into to know more in detail about Google Duo Apk Version.

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo is a perfect video calling application that works on all the modern platforms and thus allows you to share yourself with your loved ones irrespective of the OS they use. All you need to have is an internet connection, and the Google Duo installed on your smart device. Communicate for free when voice is not sufficient as it is platform-independent and available as Google Duo for Android, Google Duo for iOS, Google Duo for Windows PCGoogle Duo for Windows Phone and Google Duo for Mac PC.

Google Duo – History:

Google Duo is a one-to-one video calling chat mobile app developed by Google. It was designed for the Android and iOS operating systems. Google Duo was announced by Google I/O on May 18, 2016, and was released worldwide on August 16, 2016. It allows a user to communicate with friends via phone number even without a Google Account. Google Duo Apk reached the number one free app on Google Play store within two days of its initial release. In an email sent to the Android phone manufacturers on October 5, 2016, Google has announced that starting December 1, 2016. Google Duo will replace the Hangouts with the suite of Google apps and Android phone makers must pre-install on devices, with Hangouts instead becoming an optional app for phone makers to pre-install.

Google Duo Apk – An Overview:

Google Duo app’s primary and the only service is to allow users to make video calls. Google Duo Apk lets users quickly stream an online live video with the other person using the same app. It happens instantly and automatically. The app uses a mechanism to create a profile using the phone number. Google Duo Apk is little different from other apps as it only focuses on simplicity and supports video calls between just two people at a time. It is the fastest and reliable video calling app where both its video and sound quality is amazing. Mute the microphone when you want to speak with others while on a video call. Google Duo Apk is the most useful and enjoyable app where you no longer have to talk with others over the phone without seeing them. However, there is no option for group chats, filters or visual effects as in Google Hangouts.

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk For Android – Features:

Free App

  • Make video calls with a high-quality camera from your Android phone and connect with your loved ones. Google Duo Apk is an entirely free app that works with an internet connection.

Address Book Synchronization

  • Google Duo Apk is very convenient to use, and all you need is to enter your phone number and allow the app to access your phone’s address book.
  • Google Duo functions just with your phone number and reaches the people from your contact list.

No Google Account Needed

  • The user need not require a Google account to use Google Duo app. The set-up process is simple as the app includes verification of the phone number.
  • Once the number is verified, the user could sign up to the app and use.

Simple Interface

  • The app focuses on providing an advanced and easy to access User Interface. Google Duo Apk works simply at your finger tip thus providing ease.
  • The users can begin the video call in a single tap with a simple interface that brings video to the forefront.

Reliable and Fast

  • The app achieves and maintains a reliable connection and speed throughout the video call. The app gives fast and dependable service even at slower networks.
  • The call quality adjusts automatically, and the app switches between Wi-Fi and cellular data effortlessly and smoothly without causing any interruption in the call or dropping the call.

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Knock Knock 

  • Google Duo’s Knock Knock feature lets you see who is calling and the video of the caller before answering the call. When a user places a call on Duo, the app immediately starts streaming the video.
  • This feature will not work if the caller is someone whose number is not saved in your address book.

Add or Block Numbers

  • With Google Duo simple interface, users can place calls easily with a single click and at least efforts.
  • Users can block any unwanted callers and prevent them from calling you again by simply long pressing and selecting the block option.

High-quality Video

  • Experience faster and more reliable video calls whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on-the-go at a high-quality video with the best audio effects.

Cross-Platform Support

  • Place video call to all your friends from anywhere in the world with Android and iOS platform with just one simple app.

Download Google Duo Apk For Android:

Making video calls will be more quick and convenient now with the Google Duo video calling app. Click on the link below to download the latest version of Google Duo App for Android platform.

Download Google Duo Apk for Android

Download Google Duo For Other Devices:-

  1. Google Duo for iOS
  2. Google Duo for Windows Phone
  3. Google Duo for Mac PC
  4. Google Duo for Windows PC

Google Duo Apk Download – Screenshots:-

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Google Duo Apk

Hope the article is useful in dealing with Google Duo Apk. Comment us for any queries regarding Google Duo App for Android.

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