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Google Duo PC | Google Duo for PC Free Download: Google Duo for PC is the latest video calling app that was introduced at the Google I/O 2016 which came as a big surprise to many since the Tech-Giant brought two new apps the Google Allo for PC and Google Duo for PC.

Google Duo introduced by CEO Sundar Pichai, which was the highly anticipated app of the event.

The Google Duo which will be one of the best standalone video calling app that would consistently turn down its competition into nothing. The main competitors of Google Duo are FaceTime and Skype. Google Duo is available for all devices, Google Duo apk for Android, Google Duo for iOS, Google Duo for Windows PhoneGoogle Duo for Mac PC, Google Duo for Windows PC.

Google Duo for PC

Google Duo for PC Download

Why do we say Google Duo PC Standalone?

Because the other apps of its kind it doesn’t have the texting feature Google Duo are mainly of Video Chat. Since our subscribers have asked how well the Google Duo interface will be, we will let you on a secret Google Duo is very light-weight and straightforward UI and occupies around 5 MB on your phone.

Adding to that Google Duo is has far more attractive features but the key factor is the speed which beats the rest of its clan. Google Duo free download here.

Google Duo for PC – Standout Features:

  • Knock-Knock, which is one of the amazing functions that are available in Google Duo that shows the live video of the person before attending their video call on your phone’s lock screen.
  • No Broadcasting Lag since the live video will be playing in the background once you attend the call Google Duo seamlessly connects you onto it without any transition
  • Design  – Google Duo comes with a very light and minimalist design.
  • Size – The term “Size Matters” which would fit perfect for Google Duo taking up 5 MB will be an attractive thing all video callers would prefer.
  • Crisp HD video and audio as the Google Duo at max support 720p resolution on its video call.
  • Best Network Changeover –  Google Duo  has a classy transition from WiFi to Mobile Data or Vise-Versa, and that is also seamlessly without disturbing the user’s experience
  • Privacy and Security – Google Duo was build in considering the safety of its users by having an end-to-end encryption.
Google Duo for PC

Google Duo for PC

Guide to using Google Duo for PC Windows

In this short guidebook, will explain you all about Google Duo PC working and how to use.

Set up Google Duo for PC:

  • To enjoy all the features of Google Duo, One must register when entering the app.

    Google Duo for PC

    Screenshot of Google Duo

  • Unlike other apps, Google Duo PC doesn’t use email or any things just enter your mobile number and specify your country.

    Google Duo for PC

    Screenshot of Google Duo

  • Then press Next button on the Google Duo for PC it will take you to the verification screen where an OTP (One Time Password) will get generated.

    Google Duo for PC

    Screenshot of Google Duo

  • Once the check code,  Enter the Google Duo for PC, All Done. Start video chatting with your friends and family.

After setting up Google Duo here is where the actual fun begins. Click here for Google Duo Download.

Download Google Duo For Other Devices

  1. Google Duo apk for Android
  2. Google Duo for iOS
  3. Google Duo for Windows Phone
  4. Google Duo for Mac PC
  5. Google Duo for Windows PC.

Download Google Duo For PC Windows

Click the link below to download Duo For Windows PC and Mac PC,

Download Google Duo For PC

How to use Google Duo for PC

  • To all my avid readers this will be an exciting thing for you all as the Google Duo for PC has a sparse and straightforward interface like none other of the kind.
  • The Front facing camera will be activated, and you can preview a selfie-video on Google Duo of yourself.

    Google Duo for PC

    Using Google Duo

  • As soon you check yourself out press on the circle photos or else go down to browse more contacts in Google Duo and finally tap on them to make a video call.

    Google Duo for PC

    Google Duo – Loved ones calling you

  • During Video Chat with your Google Duo, you can mute your microphone even much better chance to rear facing camera but funny because then it won’t is a video conference.

    Google Duo for PC

    Google Duo – Surprise you friends

  • Since the Google Duo is lightweight, the engineering team has done some extensive works to make it that way.

    Google Duo for PC

    Incoming call on Google Duo

  • Some of the nerdy things Google has implemented in Google Duo. It has optimized webRTC and connects through QUIC over UDP allowing end-to-end encryption

Free Download Google Duo for PC Windows

To use Google Duo, you must download these to below, Download Bluestacks
Free Download Google Duo for PC – Download link

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